Crab Critters

Random Acts Of Light - Exhibition Holdfast Council Commission


2015. Pool Noodles, LED Strip Lighting, Hot Glue

Look out ... Giant radioactive crabs are migrating out of the ocean and taking over the Glenelg!

Due to the rising temperature of our oceans from global warming and the increasing pollution levels, our sea life is transforming. Crabs are growing giant and turning luminescent bright red as if they have been boiled in radioactive waste. To escape the extreme temperature change of our oceans the crabs are fleeing the water taking over beaches.  

If you come across one beware of their snapping claws!

Pool noodles are a non recyclable water toys so instead of adding to our waste problem I have repurposed them, transformed them into art, making a water creature out of a water toy. 

Photographer- Dan Shultz          Sweet Lime Photos