Music Tree

Holdfast Council's Random Project


2014. Balloons, Bells, Rice, Beads, Fishing Line

During winter the centre piece tree, that umbrellas' the seating area by Gloria Jean's Coffee, in the alley leading from Jetty Road Glenelg to Coles is bare and uninviting. The seating area and ally take on a empty feeling even when filled with people enjoying their coffee.

Generally people power though the alley to get from one shop to the next not looking up. Reimagining the trees leaves in a different form, the musical bell filled balloons recreate the trees canopy, echoing the leaves that were once there. As the cold wind blows the balloons around, the alley comes alive with a wind chime of tones, as if the wind was singing you a song.

Adding a touch of Spring with art. This subtle intervention draws people to look up and reconsider their surrounding environment. It also acts as a inviting back drop for coffee goes to enjoy their drink while listening to the wind make its music.

'Music Tree' was created in collaboration with The Party Shop 24/7