The Bell on the Bike goes... Ding Ding Ding

Holdfast Council Tour Down Under Street Party Commission


2015. Bike Bells, Cable Ties, Grip Tape, Streamers

When you hear the distinctive ring of a bike bell, instantly you recognise the sound. One of the exciting things about learning to ride a bike is playing with the bell and ringing it over and over again. To me the sound of endless dinging encapsulates the childhood fun of bikes.

Using bike bells as an inspiration to celebrate cycling and create an engaging art installation for the Tour Down Under Street Party, I created an interactive musical instrument. By re-imagining Jetty Roads balustrades as elongated bike handle bars the installation 'The Bell on the Bike goes... Ding Ding Ding' encourages the public make their own sounds and tunes using numerous bike bells and bike horns.

The effect on the night was as a mass of noise and music magic with strangers collaborating to play the bells and horns. Kids ran from across the street just to honk a horn. The installation added a unique element to the street parties atmosphere.